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Re: [slang-users] Problem With Lexmark Z23

On Wed, 29 Oct 2003, Dr. David M. Colburn wrote:

> I learned of S-Lang when I was looking for to complete the
> loading of in order to use my new Lexmark Z23 color
> printer ... whew!

Please don't rephrase error messages.  Quote them as is.  Most likely you
need a library with soname (i.e. internal name) ""

> Anyhow, when I installed S-Lang 1.4.9 it generated
> which the Lexmark driver loading app does not "see" (I am guessing it is
> confused by the "utf8"). Any chance of getting a plain-vanilla
> libslang.20.1 ?

I think you should simply compile S-Lang from sources.  If you want to
install the rpm cleanly, you can try a package from an older Red Hat
distribution.  Make sure to install it using "rpm -i" so that the newer
package is not removed.

Pavel Roskin

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