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[slang-users] Problem With Lexmark Z23

I learned of S-Lang when I was looking for to complete the loading of in order to use my new Lexmark Z23 color printer ... whew!

Anyhow, when I installed S-Lang 1.4.9 it generated which the Lexmark driver loading app does not "see" (I am guessing it is confused by the "utf8"). Any chance of getting a plain-vanilla libslang.20.1 ?

I am running RedHat 9 with Gnome.  The Lexmark site is (may wrap)

Help, please?  Thanks!  dmc


Dr. David M. Colburn {D.Min.}
Director of Enrollment & Adult Ed
Trinity College
2430 Welbilt Boulevard
Trinity, FL 34655
(727)376-6911 x1118
Fax: (727)376-0781

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