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Re: [slang-users] uninstalling slang


On Sun, Feb 28, 2016 at 11:15:49PM -0500, John E. Davis wrote:
> MC can be compiled to user either slang or curses.  Are you compiling
> your own version of MC, or are you using a precompiled version?  If
> the latter, was it compiled for slang?  And if so, why are you
> upgrading?

I am/was compiling my version of MC. I have two intel based mac's. A mini and a powerbook. Both are running the same version of the OS.

> > I compiled 2.3.0 first under OS x. I then compiled version 2.24. So i
> > have a kind of hybrid install.
> Did you have a problem with 2.3.0?

There was an issue where some of the keystrokes were not working in MC. Someone on their mailing list said that keystrokes were controlled by slang. Most all of the keys were working, however.

I was having a problem, that may have been related to pkgconfig, with 2.3.0, so i thought i mihght try 2.2.4. Things seemed to work now. But there is still an issue with keystrokes, so i'm thinking i need to uninstall all the slang libs and start again.

fwiw, i know that 2.30 DOES work. My mac mini, the compile and install of mc, went without a hitch. (I had at somepoint installed slang and the other needed parts for mc, on this machine.

This helps a lot, thanks!

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