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[slang-users] Stack Space... I ran out.

Today I finished a code generator for a project I am working on. It
reads 653 lines in a file, each line contains a field name, type, size
and description.

I read this into an array (1000 elements for future files) of:

typedef struct {
} Field;

... Now, I simply did then a serious of for loops looping through my
array and fprintf'n a bunch of stuff. 1/2 way through the second for
loop I recieve an error that says I have exceeded the max stack space.

I then went searching. I wound up finding in sllimits.h where it defines
some max stacks. I changed them from 2500 to 4096, that was not enough,
so I then made them 16384 for good measure :-) ... after this change
everything worked.

My question is: Is it right that I should have run out of stack space?
Am I doing something incorrect? (using slsh with no modifications, and
straight s-lang code). I can post my source if that would be of any
help, if it is even a problem.

Thanks for any input.

jeremy <jc@xxxxxxxxxx>

The idle man does not know what it is to enjoy rest.

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