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[slang-users] Re: Mysql and SLang

Dear Jeremy,

Have you looked at SLIRP?

I've never used MySQL before, but with SLIRP [the acronym
stands for (SL)ang (I)nterface (P)ackage] I was able to
wrap more than 40 functions from the MySQL api (in just
a few minutes) and succesfully ping a mysql server.

Appended below are the slirprc file used in my test, and
a sample S-Lang script.  Perhaps you will find them useful.

Mike Noble

------- slirprc -------


accepts_null_args["mysql_init"] = [1];

ignored_functions = 


------- ------- 

variable conn = mysql_init(NULL);
vmessage("mysql_init returned: %S",conn);
conn = mysql_connect(conn, "", "", "");
vmessage("mysql_onnect returned: %S",conn);
vmessage("mysql_ping returned: %S",mysql_ping(conn));

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