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Re: [slang-users] Strange COLORFGBG feature

* John E. Davis <davis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> [031111 05:12]:
> >Why do get_default_colors return -1 if it do not find COLORFGBG or
> >DEFAULT_COLOR ? Why not return 0 and fill fg_buf and bg_buf with a
> >"default" default value ?
> As far as I know, not all color terminals support the default color
> escape sequence (ESC[39m), and there is no guarantee that sending a
> terminal an escape sequence that it does not support will not have
> an undesirable side effect.
> [...]

In mutt, if COLORFGBG is not set, it has undesirable effect. Is it a bug
in mutt ?


Microsoft est-il le Grand Satan ?

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