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[slang-users] S-Lang modules for GNU Scientific Library (GSL) released


   I am pleased to announce the availability of a set of S-Lang
modules for the GNU Scientific Library.  A brief introduction to the
modules is attached below.  For additional information about their
use and availability, them, please visit 

Thanks, --John

  The GNU Scientific Library (GSL <>) is a
  vast collection of robust and well documented numerical functions.  It
  includes support for many special functions, random numbers,
  interpolation and integration routines, and much more.  For more
  information about GSL, visit  <>.

  Many of the routines in the GSL may be made available to the S-lang
  interpreter via the GSL modules described by this document, whose most
  recent version may be found at

  At the moment, four GSL modules are available:

  o  gslsf: The GSL special function module.  Currently, this module
     provides an interface to nearly 200 GSL special functions.

  o  gslconst: The GSL constants module.  This module defines many

  o  gslinterp: The GSL interpolation module, which includes routines
     for linear interpolation, cubic splines, etc.

  o  gslcore: This is a module that must be loaded before any of the
     above modules can be loaded.  Its main purpose is to provide
     support functions for the other GSL modules.

  There are many functions that are not yet wrapped.  For example, none
  of GSL's random number routines have been wrapped.  Future releases of
  the GSL module will include more functionality.  Nevertheless, what
  has been implemented should prove useful.

John E. Davis                   Center for Space Research/AXAF Science Center
617-258-8119                    One Hampshire St., Building NE80-6019     Cambridge, MA  02139-4307

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