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[slang-users] Fwd: SLgtk v0.3.7 and SLIRP v0.9.5 released

[This is a forwarded message -- John]


Versions 0.3.7 of SLgtk and 0.9.5 of SLIRP are now available at

The highlghts of this release are the several extensions made to the
vwhere guilet, which now supports the incremental application of region
filters applied to existing plots when new plots are generated from the
current dataset, as well as improved configurability via an enhanced
preferences dialog.  Details on these and other enhancements are given
in the CHANGELOG excerpt below.


The SLgtk package binds the Gtk2 and GtkExtra widget sets to the S-Lang
scripting language (  SLgtk wraps over 2000 functions 
from Gtk2 and its constituent libraries, includes over 4000 lines of 
sample code in 40+ working guilets, provides a code generator (SLIRP)
which can be useful for building additional S-Lang modules.  Both SLgtk 
and SLIRP are reasonably documented for their age.

SLgtk also includes a visual version of the powerful S-Lang "where"
command, extensions to and performance enhancements for GtkExtra, and
a pixbuf loader for the FITS image file format widely used within


-Michael S. Noble


Changes in v0.3.7 (9/11/2003):

1.  Use -n slsh option for builds, to avoid side effects from $HOME/.slshrc.

2.  SLIRP 0.9.5 changes:
	- Ensure that the bizarre obfuscation performed by f2c of suffixing
	  two underscores to FORTRAN routine names containing one or more
	  underscores is excised by SLIRP from the S-Lang scoped func name.
	- Prepend $PWD to S-Lang load path at startup, to ensure that even
	  a vanilla slsh has a chance of finding a local $PWD/slirprc file.

3.  vwhere 1.0.3 changes:

	- Incremental filtering, which dramatically increases the utility of
	  vwhere for visual data inspection.  By default region filters from
	  currently visualized plots will be used to mark included/excluded
	  points on newly created plots (suggested by Dave Huenemoerder,

	- Expanded preferences dialog, to provide support for
	   . combining filter indices from multiple plots via either
	     intersection or union (see docs/help for more).
	   . setting foreground/background colors for included/excluded points

	- be more memory conservative when combining vwhere() region filters

4.  Created packages/Makefile for installing .sl files, r/t using src/Makefile.
5.  Added a bit of compulsiveness to the top-level Makefile, to maximize
    consistency from release to release (vis-a-vis build summaries, etc)
6.  Added palette to color selector example.
7.  Added gtk_color_selection_[set|get]_color functions to ignore list, as
    per the Gtk 2.x docs they have been deprecated.
8.  Added gdk_color_selection_get_current_color() to ignore list, in favor of
    manual coding which rtns GdkColor struct on stack [like gdk_color_parse()]
9.  Added powerful color selection via _color_button_new() function (see docs).

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