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[slang-users] Send a signal to a running process?


When writing a groff document, I would like to have the
rendered document displayed in a constantly open pdf-viewer and
by the press of a key to have the display in the pdf-viewer
updated with the changes in the jed buffer.

With the code I have written it works for some pdf-viewers
while others have some quirks that need to be addressed. For
instance, mupdf, wants to have a SIGHUP signal sent to it in
order for the display to be updated. So the question is, how
can I send a SIGHUP to the instance of mupdf that is associated
with the jed buffer when pressing the key to update the

The functiom "view_document" and supporting functions look like this:

private variable pdfviewer_pid;

private define show_pdfviewer_error (pid, error)
   flush (strtrim (error));

private define pdfviewer_signal_handler (pid, flags, status)
   ifnot (flags == 1) % if proces is no longer running
     __uninitialize (&pdfviewer_pid);

%% View current buffer dynamically in a pdf-viewer. Display in
%% pdf-viewer is dynamically updated with changes in buffer upon 
%% pressing a key, with no need to save the file associated
%% with the buffer in between.
define view_document ()
   variable tmpfile = make_tmp_file ("/tmp/viewmomdoc");
   variable pdf_file = dircat ("/tmp", path_sans_extname (whatbuf ()) + ".pdf");
   variable docstr = "";
   push_spot_bob ();
   push_mark_eob ();
   () = write_region_to_file (docstr, tmpfile);
   pop_spot ();
   () = system (strcat ("pdfmom ", tmpfile, ">", pdf_file));

   ifnot (__is_initialized (&pdfviewer_pid))
        pdfviewer_pid = open_process ("mupdf", pdf_file, 1);
        set_process (pdfviewer_pid, "output", &show_pdfviewer_error);
        set_process (pdfviewer_pid, "signal", &pdfviewer_signal_handler);
        process_query_at_exit (pdfviewer_pid, 0);
     % this is of course not tenable, but illustrates what I want
     () = system ("kill -hup $(pidof /usr/lib/mupdf/mupdf-x11)");

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