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[slang-users] Re: RPN

Hi John,

thanks for the quick reaction!
(I'm sorry for having spoiled your Sunday evening...)

> Manfred Hanke wrote:
>> If RPN is to stay, one might consider improving
On 09.11.2014 23:09, John E. Davis wrote:
> It has to be supported because jed makes use of this in a number of 
> places.

Okay, but would you confirm that RPN is indeed a left-over from S-Lang 1
that is now rather deprecated?

I'm not asking to break backwards compatibilty and to change jed's
functions (although I could offer to do so for its internal library),
but I'm wondering whether RPN has an advantage I'm not aware of.

For example, is there a difference between
	setkey(". 'd'xform_region", "^X^L");
	setkey("xform_region('d')", "^X^L");
other than that the former does not produce an argument list, i.e., does
not set _NARGS to a positive value?
At least that's what I could guess from a simple example:

> slsh> define f(x) { vmessage("_NARGS=%d, x=%d", _NARGS, x); }
> slsh> . 1 2 f
_NARGS=0, x=2
> slsh> f (1, 2);
_NARGS=2, x=2

Thanks! Cheers,

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