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Re: [slang-users] Multi-character delimiter for strchop()?

Manfred Hanke wrote:
Maybe you are looking for the following:
	strtok("afoobfooc", "foo")

Unfortunately, no, and I'll try to illustrate why. But thanks for the response!

strtok("afoobfooc", "foo") does return ["a","b","c"] as asked but so do the following:

strtok ("afoooooobfooc", "foo")
strtok ("afbfooc",       "foo")
strtok ("afobfooc",      "foo")
strtok ("afoofbfooc",    "foo")
strtok ("aofobfooc",     "foo")

which is not the same the substring-based chopping I initially asked about. According to what I initially asked about:

strchop ("afoooooobfooc", "foo", 0)

should return a 7-cell string array:


because "foo" is the indicator of the chopping point. "foo" is not the same as "foooooo" but both list the same set of characters -- "f" and "o" which means strtok() is behaving as describes.

Thinking about this beyond what I initially asked about, it might be more useful still to have a function where one could use a regular expression as a chopping point instead of a substring.
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