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Re: [slang-users] slang 2.3.0 released

On 18/09/2014 05:45, John E. Davis wrote:

Version 2.3.0 of the slang library has been released.  Although more
than 3 years have passed since the previous release (2.2.4), the
library is backwards binary-compatible with previous versions in the
2.x series.

attached patch to allow compilation on cygwin.
For module compilation the libraries must be the last.


--- origsrc/slang-2.3.0/modules/	2014-09-18 05:02:24.000000000 +0200
+++ src/slang-2.3.0/modules/	2014-09-20 18:50:04.036357700 +0200
@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@ RPATH = @RPATH@
 all: $(OBJDIR)/Makefile
 	cd $(OBJDIR) && $(MAKE) $(MODULES)
@@ -100,44 +100,44 @@ $(OBJDIR)/Makefile: $(OBJDIR) Makefile
 # These (and only these) targets are supposed to be built only in $(OBJDIR):
 # $(SRCDIR)/slsmg-module.c $(CONFIG_H)
-	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(SRCDIR)/slsmg-module.c -o
+	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(SRCDIR)/slsmg-module.c -o $(LIBS) $(SRCDIR)/rand-module.c $(CONFIG_H)
-	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(SRCDIR)/rand-module.c -o
+	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(SRCDIR)/rand-module.c -o $(LIBS) $(SRCDIR)/newt-module.c $(CONFIG_H)
-	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(SRCDIR)/newt-module.c -o -lnewt
+	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(SRCDIR)/newt-module.c -o -lnewt $(LIBS) $(SRCDIR)/termios-module.c $(CONFIG_H)
-	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(SRCDIR)/termios-module.c -o
+	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(SRCDIR)/termios-module.c -o $(LIBS) $(SRCDIR)/select-module.c $(CONFIG_H)
-	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(SRCDIR)/select-module.c -o
+	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(SRCDIR)/select-module.c -o $(LIBS) $(SRCDIR)/fcntl-module.c $(CONFIG_H)
-	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(SRCDIR)/fcntl-module.c -o
+	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(SRCDIR)/fcntl-module.c -o $(LIBS) $(SRCDIR)/varray-module.c $(CONFIG_H)
-	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(SRCDIR)/varray-module.c -o
+	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(SRCDIR)/varray-module.c -o $(LIBS) $(SRCDIR)/pcre-module.c $(CONFIG_H)
-	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(PCRE_INC) $(SRCDIR)/pcre-module.c -o $(PCRE_LIB)
+	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(PCRE_INC) $(SRCDIR)/pcre-module.c -o $(PCRE_LIB) $(LIBS) $(SRCDIR)/onig-module.c $(CONFIG_H)
-	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(ONIG_INC) $(SRCDIR)/onig-module.c -o $(ONIG_LIB)
+	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(ONIG_INC) $(SRCDIR)/onig-module.c -o $(ONIG_LIB) $(LIBS) $(SRCDIR)/png-module.c $(CONFIG_H)
-	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(PNG_INC) $(SRCDIR)/png-module.c -o $(PNG_LIB)
+	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(PNG_INC) $(SRCDIR)/png-module.c -o $(PNG_LIB) $(LIBS) $(SRCDIR)/socket-module.c $(CONFIG_H)
-	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(SRCDIR)/socket-module.c -o $(SOCKET_LIBS)
+	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(SRCDIR)/socket-module.c -o $(SOCKET_LIBS) $(LIBS) $(SRCDIR)/iconv-module.c $(CONFIG_H)
-	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(ICONV_INC) $(SRCDIR)/iconv-module.c -o $(ICONV_LIB)
+	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(ICONV_INC) $(SRCDIR)/iconv-module.c -o $(ICONV_LIB) $(LIBS) $(SRCDIR)/zlib-module.c $(CONFIG_H)
-	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(ZLIB_INC) $(SRCDIR)/zlib-module.c -o $(ZLIB_LIB)
+	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(ZLIB_INC) $(SRCDIR)/zlib-module.c -o $(ZLIB_LIB) $(LIBS) $(SRCDIR)/fork-module.c $(CONFIG_H)
-	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(SRCDIR)/fork-module.c -o
+	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(SRCDIR)/fork-module.c -o $(LIBS) $(SRCDIR)/sysconf-module.c $(CONFIG_H)
-	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(SRCDIR)/sysconf-module.c -o
+	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(SRCDIR)/sysconf-module.c -o $(LIBS) $(SRCDIR)/csv-module.c $(CONFIG_H)
-	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(SRCDIR)/csv-module.c -o
+	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(SRCDIR)/csv-module.c -o $(LIBS) $(SRCDIR)/base64-module.c $(CONFIG_H)
-	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(SRCDIR)/base64-module.c -o
+	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(SRCDIR)/base64-module.c -o $(LIBS) $(SRCDIR)/json-module.c $(CONFIG_H)
-	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(SRCDIR)/json-module.c -o
+	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(SRCDIR)/json-module.c -o $(LIBS)
 chksum-module.o: $(SRCDIR)/chksum-module.c $(SRCDIR)/chksum.h
 	$(COMPILE_CMD) -c $(SRCDIR)/chksum-module.c
 chksum_md5.o: $(SRCDIR)/chksum_md5.c $(SRCDIR)/chksum.h
@@ -146,9 +146,9 @@ chksum_sha1.o: $(SRCDIR)/chksum_sha1.c $
 	$(COMPILE_CMD) -c $(SRCDIR)/chksum_sha1.c
 # $(SRCDIR)/histogram-module.c $(SRCDIR)/
-	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(SRCDIR)/histogram-module.c -o
+	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(SRCDIR)/histogram-module.c -o $(LIBS) $(SRCDIR)/stats-module.c $(SRCDIR)/
-	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(SRCDIR)/stats-module.c -o
+	$(COMPILE_CMD) $(SRCDIR)/stats-module.c -o $(LIBS)
 # </targets to be built in $(OBJDIR)>

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