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[slang-users] slang-users mailing list update


As some of you may know, the slang-users mailing list has been
unavailable for most of March.  The former host for is
no longer able to provide mailing list support to any clients.  As
such, I have moved to a different host where I am now
using mlmmj as the mailing list software.

The old list used a web interface for managing subscriptions.  I will
not be supporting that.  Instead you will send email to the appropriate
list address to manage your subscription:

   slang-users@xxxxxxxxxxx              -- To send a message to the list
   slang-users+help@xxxxxxxxxxx         -- To unsubscribe from the list
   slang-users+unsubscribe@xxxxxxxxxxx  -- To unsubscribe from the list

The archives have been preserved and are available from


I apologize to anyone who experienced issues with the list during the
past month.

For list information, visit <>.

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