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[slang-users] Cannot compile slang 2.2.4 due to absolute path /bin/ln

I'm trying to compile slang 2.2.4. Near end of compilation, it fail
with following message:

  /bin/sh: line 1: /bin/ln: No such file or directory

I don't have ln in /bin/ln but elsewhere. I looked around and there is
following code in src/

  RM = rm -f
  RM_R = rm -rf
  AR_CR = ar cr
  RMDIR = rmdir
  LN = /bin/ln -sf
  CP = cp

So the "ln" program is the only one with absolute path. All others
have just name specified. Is there some specific reason why only ln is
specified with absolute path? I changed offending line to:

  LN = ln -sf

And it compiles without problem. I don't want to break anything,
perhaps there is a good reason that just ln use absolute path. I don't

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