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Re: [slang-users] Incorrect terminfo offsets for HP-UX

River Tarnell <river@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The terminfo offsets in src/sltermin.c are wrong for HP-UX; at least AF
> and AB are off by two, which makes S-Lang wrongly determine that the
> terminal doesn't support colours.
> -   {"AB", 360          UNTIC_COMMENT("set ANSI color background")},
> -   {"AF", 359          UNTIC_COMMENT("set ANSI color foreground")},
>+   {"AB", 362          UNTIC_COMMENT("set ANSI color background")},
>+   {"AF", 361          UNTIC_COMMENT("set ANSI color foreground")},
> It may be that other offsets are wrong as well - is there a program to
> generate this table, or does someone need to go through it by hand?

I did it more or less manually a number of years ago.  ncurses can be
configured to use the native tables via a configure option.  It
contains a set of Cap files that define the native terminfo binary
formats for several systems, including HP-UX.  If the configure option
is not given, it assumes a standardized same binary layout.  It is
this standardized format that slang currently assumes.

I will look into providing an option to use a specified binary layout.
It is possible to allow the format to be specified at run-time instead
of assuming a statically specified layout, but I am not sure that will
actually be useful.


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