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Re: [slang-users] use https for signup?

Peter \"Firefly\" Lund <firefly@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>Is it possible to arrange things so the mailing list password is sent over
>https instead of http?

I tried to do it but failed.  The problem appears to be within
Mailman, the mailing list program, itself.  The only work-around that
I can see is to download all the web pages that you encounter by
registering and then replace http:// by https:// to force secure

The Mailman docs admit that its password mechanism provides only a
very low-level of security (I personally think that it is a nuisance).
In fact, look at the python mailing lists on  You will find that none of
them use https URLs when registering users.  In fact, look at the link off that page, which is
intended for administrators.  It too does not use https.  The reason I
used the python lists as an example is that Mailman is written in


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