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[slang-users] Re: Version Information

Anthony Ennis <tonyennis@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Can someone tell me how i can find out what the current version of slang i am
>  using. Is there a function that displays such information?

   What program are you using that is using slang?  For example, both
jed and slrn support the --version command-line argument.  If your
program uses the interpreter, then you can get the slang version from
the interpreter via the _slang_version and _slang_version_string
variables.  If you are a developer using the slang library, then use
SLang_Version variable defined in slang.h.

>Also is there a document that describe the changes / improvements that are made
>  with version updates!!!

Yes, changes.txt.  It is distributed as part of the slang
distribution, or you can get it from the ftp site, e.g.,


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