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Re: Stack Overflow: Block stack overflow

It worked a treat. Thanks a lot!


On Wed, 27 Aug 2003, John E. Davis wrote:

> Miguel Nicolau <Miguel.Nicolau@xxxxx> wrote:
> >The "" file (which I am attaching) consists of 100 if-statements
> >within each other. It crashes after 50 of them, which suggests to me that
> >there is a buffer of 50 calls defined somewhere within the interpreter. Is
> >there a way to change the size of this buffer through a function call? If
> >yes, which function, if not, where in the s-lang sources is this buffer
> >size defined (so I can adapt it for my needs)?
> In slang/src/sllimits.h, try changing
> to something larger.  You are the first person to hit this limit.  I
> will see what needs to be done to remove the limit in version 2.
> Thanks,
> --John

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