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Re: unicode (was Re: Minor error message change)

Pavel Roskin <proski@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>Thank you for your replies.  I think we are losing an excellent chance to
>do things right.  On the other hand, S-Lang will be in compatible with the
>existing hacks by Debian and Red Hat, as well as with ncurses.  I hope you
>understand the implications and I don't want to start another holy war.  I
>guess I'll have to swallow it or make things right, and I only have time
>for the former :-(

I do not understand why you are being so negative about this.  For one
thing, the existing hacks by Debian, Redhat, and SuSE are broken with
no support for combining characters at all.  In fact, I am tired of
telling slrn users that the SEGVs they are reported are due to these
hacks and that they should link slrn against an official version of

Also, you admitted that you do not use the interpreter, so why should
the interpreter's strlen function matter to you?  The Debian,
SuSE, and Redhat hacks do not even begin to address Unicode support by
the interpeter.  Finally, the example you gave does not reflect how,
e.g., the vast majority of jed's .sl files use strlen.  When slang 2
is released, strlen will not be used in  Instead a new function
'strwidth' will be used.


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