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slang version 1.4.9 available

Version 1.4.9 of the multi-platform slang programmer's library is now
available.  See for
information about obtaining the library.

The primary reason for this release is to fix a bug in the error
handling code of the "sum" intrinsic function, described in item 3
below.  If it were not for that problem, I probably would not have
released this version since I am trying to concentrate on version 2.

Changes since 1.4.8
1. src/slarray.c: superfluous call to SLclass_add_math_op removed
   (Michael Noble <mnoble at>)
2. src/slang.c: foreach (NULL) using("next"){} foo (); caused _NARGS=1
   in foo.
3. src/slarrfunc.c: Fix to prevent sum(NULL) from causing a core-dump.
4. src/slimport.c: import (module, "") made equivalent to
   import(module,"Global");  This way, import(module, current_namespace())
   will work when the current namespace is anonymous.
5. src/slospath.c: Several users have requested that I add the ability
   to define a load path and use that path when loading interpreter
   files.  To this end, several new functions were added to the API:
       char *SLpath_get_load_path (void);
       int SLpath_set_load_path (char *path);
         /* Get and Set the path to be searched for files */
       int SLpath_get_path_delimiter (void);
       SLpath_set_path_delimiter (int delimiter);
         /* Get and set the character delimiter for search paths */
       int SLang_load_file_verbose (int verbose);
         /* if non-zero, display file loading messages */
   New intrinsics include:

   These functions, nor the intrinsics have an effect on applications
   that use SLang_load_file_hook or SLns_load_file_hook for loading
   files.  The change should be transparant to applications that use
   the stock load file mechanism.  The main difference is that if one
   attempts to load a file with no extension, e.g., "foo", but the
   file does not exist, then the interpreter will try to load the more
   recent of "" and "foo.slc".
   See src/slsh.c for how the functions may be used.

6. slsh/slsh.c: Updated to use the new search path code outlined
   above.  Also, slsh is distributed with a collection of general
   purpose slang functions, including jed's provide/require functions.
   See slsh/README for more information.
7. doc/tm/ Modified the section describing the implemetation
   of intrinsic functions in an effort to clarify the discussion.
8. src/slang.c: tiny memory leak resulting from peephole optimzations
   added earlier found and fixed.
9. src/slarrmisc.c: new intrinsic: cumsum computes the cumulative sum
   of an array via the new SLarray_map_array function.
10. src/modules: perl compatible regular expression (pcre) module added.

John E. Davis                   Center for Space Research/AXAF Science Center
617-258-8119                    One Hampshire St., Building NE80-6019     Cambridge, MA  02139-4307

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