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SLtt_goto_rc() and qansi-m terminal


I have some problems with SLtt_goto_rc() function from mcslang
library under QNX 6.2 in qansi* terminals. I'm using Midnight
Commander 4.6.0a.

If direct cursor positioning is used, it works okay, but with
drawing vertical lines (when '\n' printed to terminal) it doesn't
work. This only happens when printing to column 0 in the screen and
some other cases, I haven't yet figured out.

"am" terminal variable is detected and set correclty for qansi-m.
This really seems to me to be a bug in QNX console driver code, so it
should be worked around somehow.

What could be a good solution in this case?


P.S. I know haven't given enough information, but I just do not know
what information could be needed. My knowledge of terminal is very

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