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slang version 1.4.7 available

[I have also posted the following text to alt.lang.s-lang]

Version 1.4.8 of the multi-platform slang programmer's library is now
available.  See for
downloading information.

This is primarily a bug-fix release.

Changes since 1.4.7
1. src/sldisply.c: make sure SLtt_erase_line leaves the cursor at the
   beginning of a line in all cases.  Previously, this happened only
   for terminals able to delete to the end of line _and_, when
   writing to the last line, the ability to insert a character.
2. doc/tm/ In the discussion of the MAKE_CSTRUCT_FIELD
   macro, SLANG_STRING_TYPE was used instead of SLANG_INT_TYPE
   (mnoble at  Similarly, in the discussion of intrinsic
   structures, My_Window was used instead of My_Win
   (dburke at
3. src/slang.c: peephole optimizations of 1.4.7 were conflicting with __tmp
   optimizations.  This was causing something as simple as
       define f() 
          variable a = [1.0:10.0:1]; 
	  variable b = a * 0.0;
	  return a;
    to fail.
4. src/slarray.c Allow ranges to index higher dimensional array.
5. slsh/slsh.c: Updated to allow a user specified search path.  See
   slsh/README for more info.

John E. Davis                   Center for Space Research/AXAF Science Center
617-258-8119                    One Hampshire St., Building NE80-6019     Cambridge, MA  02139-4307

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